Eagles among the pool noodles: Proof that it’s still summer

Despite reports to the contrary from some of my friends, summer is NOT over. In fact, we’ve got another month left in the season (and I haven’t even taken my week of summer vacation yet).

Two eagles frolic (or sit, placidly) among the pool noodles in front of Bill Lander’s house at Green Lake in Dedham. (Billy Lander photo)

If you’re seeking more evidence, look no further: My friend Billy Lander snapped these photos that seem to support my assertion that we’re still in the middle of the dog days of summer. Consider: What says “summer” more than a couple of bald eagles playing among the pool noodles?

You’re right. Nothing.

The final eagle flies off. (Bill Lander photo)

Lander, who lives on Green Lake in Dedham, said he had a couple of the majestic birds visit the other day.

“I was cooking breakfast and heard them peeping. Went out on the deck with my binoculars thinking they were on the island in front of the house and saw the one sitting on the branch,” Lander wrote, explaining that he has grown used to the birds over the past decade.

“There has been a nest on the island for around 10 years. For some reason they did not build one on the island this year,” he wrote. “They come around at times but this is the first time that 2 were here together. I went down by the water to see if I could see what they were after but there was nothing there. I thought a fish may have washed up.”

If you’re like me, and you want to milk as much out of summer as you can, sit back, think about cool lake breezes, and enjoy Lander’s photos of the pool-noodle eagles.



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