Our Maine Heritage: Where was this log drive photo taken?

Over the past several weeks, we’ve shared some vintage Maine photos with readers, and many have taken time to comment on those pictures.

Log Drive 1

This week, we’ve got a bit of a mystery photo, and would love some help in identifying the scene you’re looking at now.

In past weeks, we had full, accurate caption information to pass along. This week, we don’t — the photo was one of several compiled by former BDN librarian Charlie Campo for an outdoor slideshow, and no caption was attached to the image.

Here’s what we know: The pictures vividly illustrates the days of Maine’s log drives, and shows a river clogged with timber. We’re not sure when it was taken, nor which BDN staffer shot the pic so many years ago.

But I’m thinking the bridge might provide the key clue: Have you seen this bridge on a river where log drives were once held? Do you recognize the building in the background? Where is it, or was it?

Any information you can provide would be appreciated.

John Holyoke

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