Follow our quinzhee adventure as it happens: #BDNsnowcave

Later today, BDN visuals editor Brian Feulner and I are heading to Unity College, where we’ll try to avoid freezing to death while sleeping in a snowbank.

Actually, our adventure isn’t quite that death-defying: We’re going to help build a snow shelter — a quinzhee — with Unity College students. Then Brian and I will sleep in our own personal snow cave tonight.

You’re invited to join in on all the fun (and you won’t even have to freeze your toes off!).

Brian and I will be live-Tweeting from Unity starting at about 1 p.m. today, and we’ll keep updating as we slowly turn blue.

Follow Brian (@BrianFeulner) or me (@JohnHolyoke), or our hashtag for the adventure #BDNsnowcave for what promises to be a great day in Maine’s great outdoors.

Updates from John:

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Updates from Brian:

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Updates from the Mothership:

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John Holyoke has been enjoying himself in Maine's great outdoors since he was a kid. Today, he's the Outdoors editor for the BDN, a job that allows him to meet up with Maine outdoors enthusiasts in their natural habitat. The stories he gathers provide fodder for his columns, and this blog.