Monthly Archives: January 2015

Why do my bosses want me to sleep outside in the freezing cold?

  I need help. Some of you probably already assumed that, so let me be more specific: I need your help. To be even more clear, I need your help so that I can avoid freezing my tail feathers off, or dying of carbon-monoxide poisoning, or in an avalanche of my own making. Here’s why: […]

Big ice fishing derbies on tap for this weekend, perfect conditions expected

When organizers decide to stage ice fishing derbies, they’re taking a leap of faith. Their hopes: The ice will be thick enough to be safe … people will show interest in showing up or supporting their cause … and the weather won’t be nasty enough to scare folks away. When two of the region’s largest […]

BDN Outdoors staffers to hit the airwaves

Starting this week, you’ll be able to hear a lot more from BDN staffers, as several of us will begin appearing on the radio each afternoon. We’re happy to announce that writers — including Aislinn Sarnacki and I from the outdoors desk, will be making regular appearances on The Drive, a show that launched Tuesday […]

Moosehead derby changes rules after successful effort to cull number of small togue

The relationship between anglers and state fisheries biologists can sometimes be a bit strained. Anglers spend a lot of time on the water, after all, and think they’ve got their own personal fishing holes figured out. Biologists are responsible for managing hundreds and hundreds of lakes and ponds, and often encounter resistance from local “experts.” […]

2009 Maine owl attacks mentioned in popular ‘Criminal’ podcast

Nearly six years ago, while sitting at my desk, I heard rumblings about some odd goings-on in the Rolland F. Perry City Forest. Owls were running amok. Or flying amok. Or just doing whatever territorial owls are supposed to do when humans invade their territory. Take your pick. After a few phone calls, I wrote […]

Sedgwick man wins Grand Lake Stream camp raffle

For the past 20 years or so, Desmond Ashman has looked forward to regular trips to the picturesque village of Grand Lake Stream, where he’d visit with friends, hunt, fish, and unwind. In the coming years, chances are that the 41-year-old Sedgwick lobster fisherman will spend even more time in that place he has come […]

Deer caught on St. John River ice floe

(CLICK PHOTO TO PLAY VIDEO) Living in Maine, we often end up with great opportunities to enjoy everything the woods and waters have to offer. Unfortunately, Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes. Over the weekend I began seeing a Facebook post that included a video taken by Sue Underhill Kelly of Allagash. Sue and her […]