Lincoln photographer’s fox book perfect for kids

Thanks to that viral internet video, we all now know what the fox says. What we might not have known (until now) is “What do Baby Foxes Do?”

"What Do Baby Foxes Do?" by Roger L. Stevens Jr.

“What Do Baby Foxes Do?” by Roger L. Stevens Jr.

Luckily, a Lincoln photographer can help us with that: That’s the title of a children’s book he recently published, and it’s full of stunning fox photos he captured near his home.

“I had an opportunity to film and observe five fox kits, mom and dad over a period of two weeks, catching the antics that only a fox family can give you,” Roger L. Stevens Jr. explained in a recent email. “The neat thing is that it is a Maine subject, filmed by a Maine photographer, and published by a Maine family-owned company out of Augusta.”

The book was published by J.S. McCarthy Printers, and the result is impressive, and will likely appeal to younger readers. Large, full-color photos highlight the book, and interesting fox facts are interspersed to help educate kids about the fascinating life of foxes.

Stevens said working as a full-time photographer and publishing a book were longtime goals for him. Several years ago, he decided to take the plunge and pursue his true passion.

“I have been filming the wildlife of Maine since I was a teenager, and now I am 56,” Stevens said. “I worked at the Lincoln [paper] mill for 21 years, and with the support of my wife, Julie, I made a break 15 years ago to pursue what I love.”

The Lincoln area is rich with wildlife, and Stevens’ work has drawn the attention of photography fans looking for nature pictures.

“We have done arts and craft shows the whole time, exhibiting as far away as the Catskill Mountains of New York,” he said. “This year, after talking about it for over 10 years, I [published the book].”

Stevens reported on Wednesday that he has sold several hundred books so far, and has moved forward to his next project, a book that will be published next week.

Titled “June the Loon, The Story of a Maine Loon Chick,” the book follows a loon from its nest through its first summer and early fall.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a book, you can do so via email at or calling Stevens toll-free at 1-877-794-1928.


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