Doiron’s books worth a look

Elsewhere on these pages (whether you’re cyber-reading or holding a print edition of the BDN), you’ll find more about author Paul Doiron.

the bone orchardYou’ll hear about his latest novel, “The Bone Orchard.” You’ll find out how to receive his short story “The Bear Trap” for free. You can check out that tale’s opening paragraphs in another link. And you’ll find out (if you didn’t already know) that Doiron has also written “The Poacher’s Son,” “Trespasser,” “Bad Little Falls” and “Massacre Pond.”

If you’re already a Doiron fan, I don’t need to say much more. You’re probably already planning to check out his latest offerings.

If you’re not, do yourself a favor and give one of Doiron’s books a look.

Or heck, wait until Monday and check out the short story.

If you’re a reader who likes Maine tales, or loves a good mystery, I think you’ll enjoy Doiron’s work.

One thing to remember: All of his books thus far are part of a series focusing on the main character, Mike Bowditch.

Bowditch, Doiron will tell you, is a work in progress. He makes mistakes — sometimes amazingly stupid ones — but he tends to learn from each blunder.

Therefore, starting with “The Poacher’s Son,” the first book in the series, makes the best sense, and allows you to watch as Bowditch “grows up.”

I’ve read the advance review copy of Doiron’s latest, “The Bone Orchard,” and have told the author I thought it was his best yet.

In a recent email, however, Doiron told me he thought the short story — “The Bear Trap” — might be his best piece of writing thus far.

Again, do yourself a favor: Read some of Doiron’s work, and see what you think.


John Holyoke

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