A snowstorm’s coming, so let’s go sledding!

As I sit here at 491 Main this morning, a major snowstorm is bearing down on us, and a and a few of my co-workers have threatened to abandon Maine for a warm island beach.

It makes sense, I guess. I love the beach as much as the next guy. And the thought of shoveling tons of the white stuff tomorrow morning hasn’t really put me in a great mood.

But I’ve got just the cure for our mid-winter blues. And I guarantee, it’ll make you smile.

Where there’s snow, there’s sliding, you see. And where there’s sliding, there are videos like this one.

Two boys, a sled and a hill. Who needs more than that? (Photo courtesy of Adam Knowles)

Two boys, a sled and a hill. Who needs more than that? (Photo courtesy of Adam Knowles)

The video was shot with a GoPro camera by my cousin (actually my cousin’s son), Adam Knowles of Brewer.

Adam filmed the sliding scenes on the hill next to the Brewer Auditorium, edited several runs together that he shared on YouTube.

Titled “After School Sliding Fun,” the video perfectly captures the sheer joy all of us used to feel when we were flying down our local hill.

And with that big snowstorm bearing down, maybe it’s a good time for us to focus on the positive.

Yes, we might want to avoid shoveling. Yes, we might not want to slip and slide our way down the road.

But kids like Adam’s?

I think they’ll be just fine with another foot of snow … and looking forward to another trip to their local sliding hill.


John Holyoke

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