Monthly Archives: November 2013

Novel uses ‘white mitten’ shooting as backdrop for redemptive tale

When Karen Wood was shot and killed by a hunter in 1988, the event impacted Mainers in different ways. Meg Wilson, who lived not far from the Wood family, and was a young wife herself, said she was among those who struggled to understand the event itself, and fought to come to terms with the […]

Mystery beast of the day: Audio from Otis

Write a simple blog post, include an ambiguous image of a yet-to-be-determined “mystery beast,” and stand back as readers go wild. That’s what happened last week, when I shared a trail camera image that showed either a doglike, catlike or piglike animal that is roaming the woods of Otis. It all depends on who you […]

In wake of Old Orchard Beach hunting incident, warden stresses hunter responsibility

Last week, two hunters in Old Orchard Beach allegedly discharged weapons that struck a fence near a house. The homeowner was outside with her two dogs at the time. Published reports have indicated that the home is in a development off busy Cascade Road. And while Maine Game Warden Lt. Adam Gormely won’t comment specifically […]

All I want for Christmas is an interview with Stephen King

A few weeks back, our editors here at the Bangor Daily News challenged staffers with a pretty cool question that was designed, I imagine, to inject a little bit more excitement into the newsroom. “If you could write any story from any beat, what would it be?” they asked. Well, bosses, I’m glad you asked. […]

Husband of woman killed 25 years ago urges hunters to use caution in Maine woods

Many readers of a certain age will read the headline above and immediately recall the 1988 incident it refers to. Those who weren’t born yet might not. But add the words “white mittens” to the equation, and they, too, have likely heard of the infamous case that took place 25 years ago. Kevin Wood doesn’t […]

62-year-old woman bags 14-point, 230-pound Allagash buck

Johanne Lavoie didn’t really plan to go hunting on Saturday. Instead, she planned to spend time at the Allagash camper that she and her her husband. Reno, own. That plan changed … and the 62-year-old Cyr Plantation woman ended up with quite a hunting story to tell. “We were supposed to do some floors at […]

First day afield: 238-pound buck after 10 minutes for Warren woman

Quite regularly I get the chance to tell the story of a first-time, newly licensed hunter who enjoys incredible success right off the bat. Rarely, however, are those stories as jaw-dropping as the one Stephanie Angelico of Warren shared with me via email this week. Consider: Angelico didn’t complete the state’s hunter safety course until […]