‘North Woods Law’ season kicks off Oct. 3

As summer rolls on and thoughts begin turning to fall, the folks at Engel Entertainment have some good news for all you “North Woods Law” fans: You’ll have new episodes to watch this fall.

Engel Entertainment has announced that the next season of “North Woods Law” will kick off on Oct. 3. (BDN photo by John Holyoke)

According to Devon Platte, the co-executive producer of the reality show that focuses on Maine game wardens, the plan calls for Animal Planet to debut Season 2 of NWL on Oct. 3 … and before you correct me and point out that there have already been two seasons of the show, I’ll let Platte explain how that works.

“This week we wrapped up filming for NWL Season 2 (which began filming in winter 2013, and lasted off and on through much of this summer,” Platte wrote in an email. “FYI, all of the 16 episodes that have aired to date are officially considered Season 1. And the cases we just wrapped filming will now be a 10-episode Season 2. So in total, that will be 26 episodes, to date.”

A quick reminder: When the second part of Season 1 was unveiled, Out There readers may have become a little frustrated as the folks at Animal Planet bumped the actual debut forward a couple of times.

So keep checking back, and we’ll keep you posted as information becomes available.

And if you’re not up to date and have missed a few episodes (or haven’t discovered the show at all), I’ve got some more good news. Animal Planet has just announced that Season 1 of NWL is now available on DVD. Just go to http://m.bestbuy.com/m/e/product/detail.jsp?skuId=21593354&pid=2721760 



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