Sea Dogs to hold ‘North Woods Law Day’

Over the past year or so, Mainers (and Mainers at heart) have proven that they can’t get enough information about the game wardens featured on “North Woods Law.”

Blogs and columns that feature news on the Animal Planet reality show are extremely popular on the BDN website. Some of the wardens have received piles of fan mail from distant admirers.

And when wardens featured in the show appeared at the Maine Wildlife Park last summer, they were met by throngs of people who wanted to say “Hi.”

If you’re one of those who are crazy about the show, I’ve got some good news for you today: On Tuesday, Aug. 6, you’ll be able to meet many of your favorite game wardens at a Portland Sea Dogs game.

The Sea Dogs are calling the promotion “North Woods Law Day,” and attendees will get to visit with game wardens featured on the show. Wardens will be on hand to sign autographs and chat, and Wdn. Kris MacCabe will throw out the first pitch. Wdn. Rick Clowry will sing “God Bless America.”

And if yous show up early, who knows? You might be able to convince your favorite warden to dance with you: Popular party band “Motor Booty Affair” will put on a pre-game show that’s sure to be a hit.

John Holyoke

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