Monthly Archives: June 2013

Canada mounting aggressive ‘moose sex’ project

First, I apologize for using the words “mounting” and “moose sex” in the headline. It was a juvenile thing to do. I accept full responsibility. (And I still think it was funny). Now that the first mea culpa of the day is out of the way, in the immortal words of Salt-N-Pepa, “Let’s talk about […]

Drift boat trip postponed

For years, it’s become a tradition: Come Father’s Day, a lucky (maybe) reader joins me (that’s why I said “maybe”) for a drift boat trip down the East Outlet of the Kennebec River. The BDN has been giving that trip away, thanks to the generosity of guide Dan Legere of the Maine Guide Fly Shop […]

Grand Lake Stream celebration on tap

If you’re looking to get off the beaten path on Independence Day, you may want to consider heading to one of the state’s premiere outdoor destinations, Grand Lake Stream. The organizers of the “Grand Lake Stream, America” Fourth of July Celebration have a full slate of activities on tap for the holiday, and hope you […]

An era ending: Auditorium coming down quickly

If you’re looking for typical “Out There” fodder this afternoon, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Today’s blog post isn’t about the woods and waters. It’s not about fish and fowl. It’s not about moose or deer or other critters. As you’ve likely guessed, today’s blog covers the “passing” of one of the city’s great landmarks: […]

BikeMaine 2013 extends entry deadline to Aug. 1

If you’ve spent the weekend kicking yourself because you missed out on the deadline for BikeMaine 2013, I’ve got some great news for you. The entry deadline has been extended to Aug. 1. BikeMaine 2013, which is being organized by the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, is an ambitious project. Participants will spend a week in […]

Maine Warden Service may want you

Maybe you’ve always wanted to find a job that fits your passion for being outdoors. Perhaps you’ve been considering a law enforcement career, but are unsure where to start. Whatever the case, if becoming a Maine Game Warden is something that you’re interested in learning more about, now’s the perfect time to start doing some […]

If you care, leave critters there

About this time every year, a few things happen. The black flies and mosquitoes show up and start gnawing on us. Moose and deer start galloping across roadways, terrorizing motorists and causing tragic crashes. And well-meaning Mainers start noticing wild animals — more accurately, very cute, baby wild animals — that have apparently been abandoned […]

Penobscot salmon returns reach 200

After a gloomy week of wet weather, the email I received from Mitch Simpson (along with a bit of sun) certainly brightened up my Thursday. Simpson, a fisheries biologist for the Maine Department of Marine Resources’ Bureau of Sea-Run Fisheries and Habitat, reported that Atlantic salmon returns on the Penobscot River had picked up a […]

Head to Greenville for the moose lottery festival

When new co-workers lament the fact that they’ve been in Maine for several weeks and have yet to see a moose, I’ve always told them the same thing. Go to Greenville. From there, finding a moose shouldn’t be such a big deal, I tell them. Just wait until nearly dark, drive up to Rockwood, then […]