Tell ‘North Woods Law’ crew where to go

Animal Planet began airing episodes of “North Woods Law” in 2012, and the TV show that focuses on the Maine Warden Service has been a hit with Mainers and people “from away” alike.

Some of the wardens that have been featured on North Woods Law: Jonathan Parker (left), Kim Bates, Sgt. Tim Spahr, Kristopher MacCabe and Josh Bubier. BDN photo by John Holyoke.

Though most of the folks I’ve talked with about the show enjoy watching it, there have been a few complaints. The farther north a person lives (or grew up), the more apt you are to hear them point out that the term “North Woods” means something special to them … and watching wardens chase bears in Portland doesn’t come close to illuminating life in that special place.

Drive a couple hundred miles north of the state’s largest city, and you’re getting closer. Head another hundred above that, and you might be onto something.

Well, it seems the people who produce “North Woods Law” have been listening … and they want to hear more.

Last week Engel Entertainment posted a query on the “North Woods Law” Facebook page that might be of interest.

Here’s what they said:


“What are the most unique people, places, and activities in the Pine Tree State that you have yet to see on North Woods Law?! Inbox us on Facebook, or write to with your fun Maine suggestions, and if you’re lucky, hey, you just might see it on the show!”

Engel Entertainment has already gotten an earful, as more than 200 people have responded to that Facebook post as of Thursday.

Among the suggestions: Go to Kokadjo. Go to Allagash. Go to the St. John Valley. Go anywhere north of Bangor.

If you’ve got an opinion, share it with them. Who knows? Your favorite Maine place might end up on a future episode.

John Holyoke

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