‘North Woods Law’ wants your help

You’re a fan of “North Woods Law.”

You know all the Maine game wardens by name. You even know the name of all the K-9 officers (and how to spell “Cruizer,” one of those famous dogs).

Warden Kristopher MacCabe in the woods during muzzleloader season. MacCabe is one of the wardens featured in the new Animal Planet TV show “North Woods Law,” which debuts March 16. (Photo courtesy of Animal Planet)

You are the kind of folks that Animal Planet is trying to reach with their popular reality show that documents the lives of Maine game wardens in the field.

During the run-up to Thursday (yes, the date changed again … read this blog post for more details), the folks who run the “North Woods Law” Facebook page are trying to reach as many of you — NWL fans — as they can.

Here’s their Facebook challenge to you:Hey NWL Fans. What is 1.1% of Maine’s Population? The amount of “likes” we want by the New Episode Premiere!” Can you help up get to 15,000 likes by 9 p.m. on Thursday?”

Well, since thousands of people read everything we write about the show, and since many (like me, until yesterday) hadn’t even been aware that there was a NWL Facebook page, I think “Out There” readers can help the “NWL” crew reach its goal.

As of Wednesday morning, the “North Woods Law” page had 12,231 “Likes.”

If you want to push that total over 15,000 — their standard for 1.1 percent of Maine’s population — you can do so by visiting this page and clicking the “Like” bar.

Then tune in at 9 p.m. on Thursday to find out what the men and women in green have been up to.


John Holyoke

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