Try again: ‘North Woods Law’ debut bumped forward one more time

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: ‘North Woods Law,’ the hit Animal Planet TV show, will return for it second season. Soon.

In fact, it’s coming back sooner than I told you two weeks ago. It’s even coming back sooner than I told you a week ago.

Maine Game Wardens featured in the Animal Planet TV show “North Woods Law” pose for a photo in front of the Maine Warden Service mobile command vehicle on April 5, 2012. Pictured are Jonathan Parker (left), Kim Bates, Sgt. Tim Spahr, Kristopher MacCabe and Josh Bubier. (BDN Photo by John Holyoke)

Yes, Animal Planet has changed its schedule again. And while I’m not entirely sure that the network won’t turn me into a liar again and do something really rash (like air the show tonight), here’s the plan (for now, as we speak … stay tuned, it may change): The second season will debut on Thursday. Yes, Thursday, Jan. 24. Like two days from now.

Another important consideration: The premiere will air at 9 p.m., not 10, as had been originally planned.

I know, I know. I originally told you (because Animal Planet had announced the same) that the series was going to air its second season premiere on Feb. 7. Then, a week later, the network changed course and decided that Jan. 31 would be the date.

Now we’ve jumped forward (again), and you can get your “North Woods Law” fix on Thursday. Honest. (I think.)

The reality show, which focuses on the work done by Maine Game Wardens, has been popular in these parts. That’s not a surprise. Heck, we have cups of coffee with these wardens. We show our hunting licenses to these wardens. Some of you may even have spent some embarrassing moments being questioned by these wardens.

What may be more of a surprise is this: The rest of the nation is eating up “North Woods Law,” too.

And that’s the reason the debut has been moved forward again, according to co-executive producer Devon Platte. Platte explained that Animal Planet has been airing repeats of North Woods Law in preparation for the roll-out of Season Two, and the results were eye-catching.

“Because the ratings for our NWL1 enhanced repeat episodes have been so strong in January, Animal Planet is moving up our season 2 premiere yet again!” Platte told me an an email announcing the latest switch. “This is definitely good news, as clearly the network is excited about how things are going these days, and wants to strike while the iron is hot!

“Thus, the first season 2 episode, “Wicked Summer,” will now premiere on Animal Planet this Thursday, Jan. 24, at 9 p.m. as part of a whole night of North Woods Law,” Platte wrote.

So plan to tune in on Thursday … and just to be safe, keep checking back here to find out if I’ve got any more unexpected news for you.


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