‘North Woods Law’ second season starts Jan. 31

Ever since “North Woods Law” made its Animal Planet debut last year, I’ve been fielding calls and emails from fans of the TV show that focuses on the work done by Maine game wardens.

And since the initial six-show run ended, the top question has been pretty straight-forward: When can we expect to see new “North Woods Law” episodes.

On New Year’s Day I received an email from co-executive producer Devon Platte, who had the answer to the question everyone’s been asking.

The “world premiere” of NWL’s second season was originally scheduled for Feb. 7. On Friday Platte emailed to say the premiere has been moved ahead a week and will take place on Jan. 31 at 10 p.m.

So, what can you expect during the premiere? Here’s the advance copy that Platte passed along, summing up the episode.

Maine Game Wardens featured in the Animal Planet TV show “North Woods Law” pose for a photo in front of the Maine Warden Service mobile command vehicle on April 5, 2012. Pictured are Jonathan Parker (left), Kim Bates, Sgt. Tim Spahr, Kristopher MacCabe and Josh Bubier. (BDN Photo by John Holyoke)

“It’s summer in Maine, and when the weather heats up the game wardens patrol Maine’s thousands of rivers and lakes on jet skis and speed boats. Vacationers are just looking for fun, and the wardens are out to make sure everyone plays by the rules of the water. Later, tragedy strikes when the wardens receive a call about a boy with autism who has headed into the wilderness alone. Fortunately, the wardens’ canine unit is more than equipped to track him down, and they spring into action. Meanwhile, Warden Rick LaFlamme is hot on the trail of an illegal deer baiter. The culprit has been on the lam since last hunting season, and the warden believes he’s close to outsmarting his nemesis. Later, Warden Pete Herring and Sgt. Tim Spahr investigate and uncover traps that illegal marijuana growers have been using to kill deer that get too close to their product. The wardens race to find the illegal drugs and the traps before a hiker or hunter gets caught in them and seriously injured.”

Sounds like a busy premiere, and I’m sure the show’s fans won’t be disappointed.

In a follow-up email Platte answered a few questions about the second season of the show, the response to the first season, and what viewers can expect.

Some viewers suggested to me that calling a show “North Woods Law” when the wardens weren’t shown in the actual North Maine Woods (which is an actual place managed by North Maine Woods Inc., was a bit of a stretch. Platte said film crews headed to some new areas this time around, and episodes will take viewers to some parts of the state they haven’t seen yet.

“While our resources are limited, going into season two it was always our goal to build upon our favorite people and places from season one, and we think we did that — from the southern border with New Hampshire, to the western mountains, to the Canadian border, to Down East, and everything in between,” Platte wrote. “Maine is definitely a big, beautiful state, and we drove thousands of miles — and dozens of flat tires — covering it for season two.”

Platte said producing 10 episodes for the second season — the first, remember, consisted of just six shows — proved to be a challenge. It was, however, a challenge that the crew was able to conquer.

“Everyone on both cast and crew worked long and hard from summer all the way into winter, and in the end we delivered all ten,” Platte wrote.

“North Woods Law” was a hit from the start, and Platte said last year that he was excited about the ratings it was producing for Animal Planet. And he said response from fans of the show has been gratifying.

“The feedback on the series has been amazing so far, from both the fans and the network.  We just broke 10,000 “Likes” on the NWL Facebook page, where it’s very cool to hear the feedback directly from the people,” Platte wrote. “And to even be given a chance to make a second season of anything is pretty rare in the television world these days, and we are very thankful for all of the support from the fans that lead to Animal Planet bringing us back for this second season … and hopefully even a THIRD!”

And while a show like “North Woods Law” couldn’t be a success if only Mainers were interested in watching it, Platte said he and the wardens involved in making the show have learned that there are plenty of Mainers who have embraced the show as well.

“One of the most amazing days was late last summer at “North Woods Law Day” at the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray,” Platte wrote. “There were hundreds of fans — from little kids to grandparents — lined up for hours to meet Sgt. Tim Spahr, Warden Rick LaFlamme, Warden Kris MacCabe, Warden Jonathan Parker, and Warden Alan Curtis (and his K9 partner, Cruizer!).  The wardens signed autographs and posed for pictures for hours — and on a weekday no less.  THAT was cool.  That’s the day I think we all realized that we had all accomplished something pretty special together.”






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