Allagash deer photo a keeper

Sometimes, the most obvious solutions are right at your fingertips.

That was the case on Wednesday, as I tried to get my hands on a photograph that would do justice to the impressive snowstorm that has been pounding parts of the state for a couple of days. As it turns out, a person I’ve known for quite some time had just the image I was looking for.

Two deer check out the snow on an Allagash road on Wednesday. About 18 inches of snow fell in the area. Photo courtesy of Darlene Kelly Dumond/

On Facebook, I saw several striking photos taken by Darlene Kelly Dumond, an avid photographer from Allagash. And there, among them, was the photo you’re looking at now: A simple but stunning image of two deer on an Allagash woods road. Heavy snow everywhere.

If that doesn’t say “Maine outdoors,” I don’t know what does.

I’ve known Dumond for several years now, and have always been impressed by her photos. She agreed to let the BDN use the image.

I agreed to tell you how you can access this image … and many others just as stunning. Who knows? You may even choose to buy one (or more).

Go to her photography Facebook page and check out her work for yourself.

Then keep checking back to this blog and BDN Outdoors: We hope to share many more of Dumond’s images with you in the months ahead.


John Holyoke

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