Monthly Archives: December 2012

Wildlife-related recreation on the rise

For years, many of us have been hearing folks say that not as many people are enjoying traditional outdoors activities as they did in the past. A new survey seems to contradict that, and points out that “wildlife-related outdoor recreation has increased dramatically from 2006 to 2011.” What’s more: Those wildlife enthusiasts, whether hunters or […]

Our Favorite Things: The Lodge Logic dutch oven

I am not a Dutch oven cooker. I’ve never attempted to use one of these utilitarian tools that scouts, scoutmasters and RV campers have come to rely on. So why did the Lodge Logic make my list of “Our Favorite Things?” Well, it’s simple. I’m not a Dutch oven cooker. But I am an occasional Dutch oven eater […]

Bobcat story leads to interesting poll

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to write a news story that us ink-stained wretches dream about. As “mistaken identity” tales go, it was a true whopper. The story was off-beat and unexpected. In fact, I’d never heard of anything like it. If you’re the one person in Maine who hasn’t heard the story yet, […]

Winter BDN Maine Outdoors publication on stands

Last spring the Bangor Daily News rolled out a new product that we hoped outdoors enthusiasts would enjoy. We called it BDN Maine Outdoors, and filled the publication with stories about fishing, hiking, hunting and outdoor folks we thought you’d like to read about. We also tucked the quarterly newsletter of our anchor sponsor, the […]

Our favorite things: Cabela’s GORE-TEX Pinnacle gloves

You need shopping help. My colleague, Aislinn Sarnacki, and I are chipping in. And while we won’t buy your gifts for you, we are offering a few suggestions of outdoor gear that we have relied on in the past. Throughout the month, we’ll continue to do so. Stay tuned, and please consider passing along your […]

Wife’s first deer puts husband in the clear

Mike Harman will tell you there are certain things you ought to do when you’re hunting. He’s big on “total stealth,” for instance. And the Penobscot man will tell you there are things you absolutely shouldn’t do while you’re hunting, especially if you expect your wife (who you introduced to the sport) to continue to […]

Our favorite things: The classic Coleman stove

Christmas is coming. You need shopping advice. And we’re here to help. I know, I know. You’ve heard it all before. In fact, you’ve probably read plenty of “holiday gift guides” in newspapers and magazines over the years, and found out about plenty of new, improved, can’t-miss products that have been rolled out for the […]