Milo 14-year-old’s first deer a 221-pound 13-pointer

There are a lot of big deer in the Maine woods. Hunters prove that every year, as a few tag bucks that weigh in at better than 250 pounds, field-dressed.

There are a lot of deer sporting impressive headgear in the Maine woods, too. The photos I receive each fall certainly prove that.

Zachary Lane, 14, of Milo poses with the 221-pound, 13-point deer that he shot on Oct. 27 while hunting with his father, Jason Lane, and a school friend.

And when a young hunter fills his tag for the first time … shoots a big deer … and that deer has a once-in-a-lifetime rack? Well, that’s fodder for a column or a blog.

The other day I received an email from Jeff Kuchinski. Or, more accurately, proud grandfather Jeff Kuchinski.

Kuchinski shared a photo of his grandson, 14-year-old Zachary Lane of Milo, with the deer he shot on residents-only opening day, Oct. 27, just a few days before his 15th birthday.

Lane was hunting in Milo with his dad, Jason Lane, and a school pal. At 10:30 a.m., he took this deer — his first — and later posed for the photo you see here.

The buck weighed 221 pounds, field-dressed, and sported a handsome 13-point rack.

Not a bad way to start off your deer hunting career, I figure.


John Holyoke

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