Things you find in the woods never cease to amaze

During hunting season a year ago, I carried a camera for the first time, and snapped photos as I wandered the woods looking for deer.

Never did find the deer. But I did end up taking some photos that people found amusing … or alarming … or downright sickening.

Like the recliner that someone discarded on a hillside. And like the two deer that someone apparently poached and dumped in the woods, side-by-side.

This over-sized bloodsucker stands guard in the Maine woods. Where is it? Who made it?

This year, I’m happy to report, I’m still carrying a camera. (I’m not so happy to report that the deer have not showed up this year, either).

And over the weekend, I happened upon a scene that I just had to take a photo of.

Somewhere, not too far from Bangor, they grow mosquitoes extra-huge, it seems. These critters have a four-foot wingspan and sport metal stingers.

So my question to the rest of you woods-trompers: Have you ever seen this beast in the Maine woods? Where did you find it? (I’m curious: Maybe this “skeeter” is a home-made contraption, or maybe there’s an artist out there who has made more than one of these metal insects.

And the bonus question: If you know who actually created this impressive beast, I’d be glad to give him or her credit.



John Holyoke

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John Holyoke has been enjoying himself in Maine's great outdoors since he was a kid. Today, he's the Outdoors editor for the BDN, a job that allows him to meet up with Maine outdoors enthusiasts in their natural habitat. The stories he gathers provide fodder for his columns, and this blog.