Monthly Archives: October 2012

It’s time to publicize your hunter’s breakfast

One of the cool things about working at a newspaper that’s been in business since 1889 is having access to resources like the photo I’ve included with this blog. Cool shot, isn’t it? BDN photographer Danny Maher’s photo captures a great slice of Maine tradition — hunters lining up for some early morning grub at […]

BDN wants to share your ice fishing memories

First, an apology: I’m sorry to be skipping the best part of autumn and prompting readers to start thinking (gulp) about ice-covered lakes and frozen fingers and toes. But today, we’re talking about ice fishing. I know, I know: It will be several weeks before we’re able to safely walk on water. Still, we need […]

Shotgun turkey hunt opens in some zones

Turkey hunters will head into the woods in selected parts of the state on Saturday as part of a one-week shotgun season on the big birds. Archery turkey hunting season will continue: In one group of Wildlife Management Districts that season runs from Oct. 6-20; In another group of WMDs the archery season stretches from […]

Penobscot salmon returns still low

Periodically this spring and summer I’ve passed along updates from Maine Bureau of Sea-Run Fisheries and Habitat staffers that have illustrated the woes of Atlantic salmon this year. Today I’m sorry to report that the trend hasn’t changed: Not many Atlantic salmon have returned to the Penobscot River this year. According to Mitch Simpson, a […]

Another Hermann fly reel up for grabs

A couple years ago I had the chance to spend an afternoon learning about reel-making during a visit to Paul Hermann’s workshop in Castine. Hermann, a doctor by trade and a craftsman by choice, had decided to stop making his top-end fly reels, which are coveted by Atlantic salmon anglers. At the time, I may […]

Diehard Mainers take advantage of extended woodcock season

For years, Maine bird hunters in search of woodcock had just 30 days — generally the month of October — to do so. After years of study and discussion, that all changed in 2011. “Last year we lobbied the [U.S.] Fish and Wildlife Service, with some colleagues of mine, for an extension of the woodcock […]

Looking for woodcock? Check the migration map

Spend a bit of time around hardcore bird hunters — especially those who spend hours afield with their well-trained dogs — and you’ll hear one phrase repeated time and time again. That phrase: “Flight birds.” As in, “I don’t think the flight birds are in yet.” Or, “Last year we hit it perfect, just as […]