Brewer woman among successful moose hunters

A few weeks back I asked for your moose-hunting stories, and despite a slow-ish start, those tales are starting to roll in.

Late last week I heard from Tony Valley, an avid hunter who just had to tell us about his 21-year-old daughter, Sheri Valley.

Sheri is a senior pre-med student at the University of New England, and grew up around hunters.

Sheri Valley, 21, of Brewer, shows off the 900-pound moose she shot last week. The moose sported antlers with a 54-inch spread.

“Sheri has shot plenty of birds, and she is a very good target shooter, but
she has never shot a deer or moose,” Tony Valley wrote. “Sheri has three brothers who are all experienced hunters, and she has had to endure a lot of good natured teasing
about never having shot a big game animal before.”

That all changed early last week.

“Sheri was hunting out of Ashland during the second week of the moose hunt,
accompanied by her father, her brother Ben, her boyfriend Robert (who came
up from North Carolina for the experience of a lifetime) and family friend
Sam Yoder, who the week before tagged a 1,060 pound bull himself,” Tony Valley reported.

“The moose Sheri shot was the third one she had seen. We had called in two
smaller bulls around 7 a.m. on Monday, but Sheri was looking for
something that would impress her brothers,” her father wrote. “Around 10 a.m. we went to a different area Sheri and Robert had scouted prior to the hunt, and hiked up
over a ridge and began calling. Her brother Ben spotted the bull at about
80 yards, and Sheri shot it with her 308. The moose dressed out at 900
pounds and had an antler spread of 54 inches.

A nice moose, to be sure. Congratulations to Sheri for her memorable hunt (and for finally being able to silence her brothers for a bit).

Also last week, I received word of another productive family hunting trip.

Kyle Casburn of Orrington (left) and his father-in-law, Roland “Butch” Dube of Howland teamed up to bag this 924-pound moose on Oct. 8.

According to an email from Mark Dube, Kyle Casburn of Orrington and his father-in-law, Roland “Butch” Dube of Howland teamed up on Oct. 8 — the first day of the October hunting session — to bag a 924-pounder that they estimated weighed 1,063 pounds before field-dressing. The duo and their family members were hunting near the Jo-Mary checkpoint in Wildlife Management District 9.

Butch Dube saw the moose in a fresh chopping about 75 yards away at about 8:05 a.m.

Also in the huntiing party were three generations of the Dube and Casburn families: Mark Dube and Jamie Dube, Noah Dube, Brady Dube, Garrett Casburn, Alex Casburn and Asia Dube..

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