Monthly Archives: July 2012

Warden protects salmon, warns anglers that Kenduskeag Stream is closed

If you’ve a mind to catch a glimpse of an Atlantic salmon, there’s a chance you could find one in Kenduskeag Stream. And if you choose to harass that fish, or try to catch it, there’s a very good chance that you’ll meet Jim Fahey. Fahey, a Maine Game Warden, called late last week with […]

2012 not a banner year for Penobscot salmon

Each spring, those with an interest in fisheries conservation and Atlantic salmon start paying particular attention to the Penobscot River and an activity that has taken place there every year since 1978: Salmon are trapped, examined, and often trucked to Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery in East Orland. The results of those daily trips to […]

The rock’s name: Junk of Pork

On Monday I shared a pair of doctored-up photos with you and asked you to identify the popular rock that was depicted. Today you can see the before-and-after versions of those altered photos … and hear some interesting stories from your fellow readers. Many of you took time to play my first “outdoor photo scavenger […]

‘On Golden Pond’ playwright chuckles at BDN tale

Earlier this month we shared a tale sent in by a reader in response to our request for camp-related traditions and memories. The humorous kid-makes-good story revolved around “Ernie,” who caught a salmon while fishing on a Maine lake, then returned to that lake as an adult. The elder “Ernie,” our reader told us, turned […]

Biologists ID Holden mystery beast

The photo is an eye-catcher. The scene, as it unfolded, was just as eye-catching for Holden resident Jennifer Newcomb. “It was 10 o’clock in the morning, I was home with the kids,” Newcomb recounted, describing an event that took place in June. “I could see an animal. At first I thought it was my neighbor’s […]