Monthly Archives: April 2012

Turkey time is nearly upon us

For weeks now — ever since it turned 80 degrees for a few days in mid-March — I’ve been talking to hunters about turkeys. Some say the burly birds were showing signs of mating behavior weeks ago. And that, as you might expect, made those hunters nervous. Maine’s spring wild turkey season typically takes place […]

Wardens join stem cell drive to aid one of their own, others

Maine’s game wardens have a history of jumping into action when one of their own needs help. On Wednesday, they’ll do just that for a colleague who is facing a battle with cancer. According to staffers at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, about 50 wardens will head to the University of Maine […]

Don’t give bears a reason to visit

Ah, spring. The flowers are blooming. The bees are buzzing. The sun is shining. And the bears are out in your backyard, eating all your bird seed. I can hear you now: “Bears? I don’t have a bear problem! We don’t have any bears in our neighborhood.” Don’t be so sure. Bears have recently awoken from […]

Pitch in! Kenduskeag cleanup set for Sunday

Bruce Buckley likes to fish for bass. He also likes the fact that being the member of a bass club provides him a platform that he can use to organize a number of community service projects. Several weeks ago, Buckley and I spoke about one such event that he was particularly proud of. When you […]

Memorial pack basket up for grabs at Maine Youth Fish and Game Association banquet

The Maine Youth Fish & Game Association lost a true friend in October when Tom Thornton passed away after a long battle with cancer. According to Travis Roy, the MYFGA’s vice president, the club will continue to pay tribute to the community leader in the years to come. “I can’t do justice explaining what Tom […]

New smelting, fishing regulations in effect on West Branch

In the woods just outside of Millinocket, smelting on the West Branch of the Penobscot River is a seasonal tradition that draws throngs of fishermen to well-known hot spots. If you’re among those, pay attention: The rules have changed. And if you just like to wet a line in the West Branch, read on: Your […]

Department, wardens enjoying ‘North Woods Law’ experience

With more than 100 past and present game wardens gathered under one roof on Thursday, it didn’t take long for the jokes and zingers to start flying. One target of the light-hearted banter: The new “stars” of the Maine Warden Service — those who have appeared in the Animal Planet TV show, “North Woods Law.” […]

Dealers to host annual Old Town Canoe sale April 13-15

For years, folks in the Penobscot Valley region cashed in on a secret little sale that gave them the opportunity to buy slightly dinged Old Town Canoes and Kayaks for amazingly low prices. Eventually, word got out, and paddlers from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the tropical city of Portland began making annual trips to […]

Newburgh man wins drift boat trip

For the past decade, the BDN has combined forces with Dan Legere of the Maine Guide Fly Shop for a promotion that has been immensely popular. The premise is simple: It’s not a raffle. It’s simply a drawing. Anglers enter for free, either by clipping forms that appear in the newspaper, or stopping by our […]