Monthly Archives: March 2012

New pitch to bow hunters: Shoot like you’re the ‘The Hunger Games’ heroine

I’m a sucker for a good sales pitch. Let’s get that out of the way right off the bat. And since I receive dozens of press releases a week — each of them, essentially, at sales pitch that’s designed to make me stop and pay attention — I’ve come to appreciate a nifty new approach. […]

‘Turning Tail’ screening set for Thursday

Here’s your last warning: If you want to check out the newest movie from the folks at Gray Ghost Productions, you’d better head over to the Sea Dog Brewing Co. on Thursday, March 29. That’s where they’ll be screening “Turning Tail, The Atlantic Salmon’s Great New Leap.” The festivities start in the pub at 6 […]

BDN Maine Outdoors prepping for Augusta show

During late winter and early spring, many outdoor enthusiasts (and those who sell goods and services that may appeal to the outdoor set) spend a lot of time on the road, traveling to expos that are held throughout the region. We here at BDN Maine Outdoors aren’t among the most impressive road warriors: Some vendors […]

Rangeley pulling out the stops for moose lottery weekend

Over the years, Mainers have flocked to the annual moose-permit lottery, where they’d sit on folding chairs, listen to the monotonous recitation of names, and hope that theirs would be among the lucky winners. In time, towns and civic organizations began vying for the privilege of hosting the event. And as each new town welcomed […]

Hunters killed 18,839 deer in 2011

Each year I receive dozens of queries from hunters eager to find out how many deer Mainers tagged during the recently completed season. That’s easy to understand: The number serves as a marker that helps indicate how healthy the deer herd is — if the herd is thriving and we’re being overrun by deer, that […]

Stud Mill Road closing on Thursday

For many outdoors enthusiasts in search of wild places to hunt, fish or simply get away from it all, a trip out Stud Mill Road provides plenty of opportunities for recreation. It is a gravel backwoods east-west highway (don’t tell the suits in Augusta about it … they might want to pave it and call […]

First ‘North Woods Law’ episode impressive

On Sunday night, Maine game wardens made their small-screen debut when Animal Planet aired a sneak preview of the new TV show, “North Woods Law.” Count me among what I expect is a legion of instant fans. Engel Entertainment, which produced the show for Animal Planet, succeeded on many levels. Most recognizably, it captured the […]

Writing as a spectator sport: A blog from the Sportsmen’s Show

Writing, or so everyone tells you, is not a spectator sport. It’s kind of boring (to watch). The constant typing and backing up and rewriting can be tedious. All in all, it’s kind of like watching … well … you know the old story about sausage-making, right? But here I am, sitting at a booth […]