Monthly Archives: February 2012

Come visit BDN Outdoors at the Cabin Fever Reliever

Most years, the Cabin Fever Reliever outdoor show delivers as advertised: It provides a bit of respite after a long Maine winter. This year, after the Winter That Wasn’t (at least, thus far), we may not need as much relief from the elements. Still, there will be plenty to see and plenty to do at […]

BDN drift boat trip contest expanding

Back in 2003, as BDN staffers prepared a booth for the Eastern Maine Sportsman’s Show, I had a conversation with our promotions manager, who asked an interesting question. “How do we get people to stop and visit with us at the booth?” she asked. At that point, with just a few months as this newspaper’s […]

Looking for a big fish? Schoodic derby may have just what you’re looking for

In some lakes — even some of the state’s most popular ice fishing spots — anglers spend countless hours knowing that their chances of catching a truly large fish are low. It’s not all about the big fish, of course. People target lakes for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they’re familiar with a particular body […]

Outdoor shows fast approaching

On a day when overnight temps dropped to 20-below in some sections of the state, it seems appropriate to shake off the chill and start thinking warm thoughts. In these parts, nothing says “warm (er) weather” like an outdoor show. After a long Maine winter, the expos serve as a harbinger of spring, or, at […]

Fly-tying classes on tap in Holden, Columbia

If you’re a particularly avid fly fisher, there is open water in Maine where you’re allowed to fish year-round. If, that is, you’re willing to brave near-freezing water and more-than-numb toes in order to do so. For the rest of us, the winter months provide the perfect time to hone our fly-tying skills and fill […]

Maine wardens featured in Animal Planet reality show

While many TV reality shows leave me flat, I have a confession to make. I’m a sucker for “Cops,” and often find myself walking around the house humming the show’s infectious theme song. In fact, as my horrified (but good-natured) girlfriend has discovered, I am also a sucker for all reality shows that feature Yetis […]

Sebago derby scrapped, statewide tourney prizes increased

Tom Noonan, the director of the popular Sebago Lake Rotary Derbyfest and Statewide ice fishing derbies reached out to media outlets on Thursday with some bad news … and some good. First, the bad: The Sebago portion of this year’s derby, which was scheduled to be held Feb. 18-19, has been canceled. And the good? […]

Long Lake derby produces nice fish

In yesterday’s Out There blog, I shared the results of the fifth annual Moosehead Lake Togue Derby. Today, it’s time to turn our sights a little bit farther north, and recognize the winners of the seventh Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby. First, a bit of clarification: Although officially named after the lake where some of […]