Moosehead angler lands nice brookie

Over the last decade covering the outdoors scene, I’ve learned that photos of big fish are guaranteed to catch anglers’ attention.

Scott Hersey with his 4.8-pound brookie.

We all want to have a fish tale to tell, you see. Many of us have to resort to sharing stories about big fish that we nearly, kind of, almost caught. Others, like the fisherman you’ll hear about shortly, have the other, preferred kind of tale to tell.

Earlier this week I received an email from Bob Hamer, the executive director of the Moosehead Lake Region Chamber of Commerce, who shared a few photos of a nice brook trout caught by Scott Hersey of Greenville.

Hersey was fishing near the one-mile light in East Cove on Moosehead Lake when he hooked the 4.8-pounder.

While a 4.8-pound brookie isn’t a record-setter, it’s also nothing to sneeze at. And since ice-fishing season is just getting started, I thought a nice fish photo might spice up a pretty chilly day … and spur more of you to share your photos with me for possible inclusion in a future blog or column.

Nice-looking trout.

And while we’re talking about chilly days, I’ll ask for your help again: If your local pond or lake has ice — or if it’s dangerously lacking ice — I’d like to hear about it.

Your fellow anglers would, too. You can reach me at or by commenting at the bottom of this post.


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