Got ice? Tell us about it

I saw snow today. Honest, I did … I think. Then again, after this winter-that-wasn’t, I may well have been imagining things.

On the bright side, you could say that the lack of snow cover means that lakes and ponds haven’t been insulated from that frigid air, and they’ve been “making ice” like crazy.

On the not-so-bright side, our air hasn’t really … um … been so frigid. And lakes and ponds have been a little slow to ice up completely.

Still, I know there’s ice out there. I’m hearing some reports. I’m seeing some photos from avid anglers who have had pretty good luck.

In fact, I’m pretty sure there are plenty of places that a family could (safely) get out and set up a tip-up. And I’m pretty sure you can help.

Got ice? Tell us about it!

If you’ve got some firsthand knowledge about ice conditions on a lake or two in your area, I’d like to hear about it. And just as importantly, if you know of lakes that folks should avoid (for safety’s sake, not just because you want to save the lunkers for yourself), I hope you’ll pass that information along, too.

Feel free to add comments below this post, or, if you prefer, via email to

I hope to gather enough info to share with readers in an upcoming blog or column.

And as always, thanks for whatever help you can give your fellow anglers.



John Holyoke

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