Want answers? DIF&W commissioner will give ’em to you tonight in Bucksport

We’ve all got questions. If yours tend to revolve around fish, deer, bears, turkeys or the great outdoors, you’re in luck.

You’ll have to act fast, though. Cancel your evening plans. Hop in the car. Head to Bucksport’s Bucks Mills Rod and Gun Club.

When? Well … tonight.

But you’ll be glad you did. Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife commissioner Chandler Woodcock will headline a sportsmen’s forum that will run from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m., and after an opening statement, he’ll field questions from the audience.

Also on hand: Fisheries and wildlife staffers and game wardens.

I’ve attended several of these affairs in Bucksport over the years, and can tell you that you never know what kind of topics will crop up. Heck, one year I even got deputized as a deputy game warden by a former commissioner.

Call me a nerd, but I’ve still got that badge (which is typically handed out to junior hunters or anglers) displayed in a place of honor on my desk … along with my two stuffed beavers, my angling bear, and a Daisuke Matsuzaka bobble-head that I seem to curse at every five days or so during baseball season.

The good news: The sun’s setting earlier, you’re sure to be out of the woods by then (and hopefully you check your computer in time to make the trip).

I’ll be there as well, and will surely gather some great information that I’ll share in future a future blog or column.

If you head to Bucksport and you heard about the forum in this blog, I hope you stop by and tell me so. See you there!


John Holyoke

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John Holyoke has been enjoying himself in Maine's great outdoors since he was a kid. Today, he's the Outdoors editor for the BDN, a job that allows him to meet up with Maine outdoors enthusiasts in their natural habitat. The stories he gathers provide fodder for his columns, and this blog.