Monthly Archives: October 2012

Hot weather, good company, no deer (or moose): One hunter’s photo blog

Early Saturday morning, I joined my friend Chris Lander for what we assured each other would be an epic day of hunting. Of course, Chris and I are optimists. Every year, we assure each other that each day will be epic. Few turn out that way … but that’s OK with us. All are memorable, […]

Searsport 12-year-old bags 237-pound deer

According to the master plan, 12-year-old Dean Grass wasn’t going to be hunting on Saturday afternoon. He wasn’t going to be sitting in a raised blind with his father, Jeffrey Grass, watching a Belmont field. He wasn’t going to see the 237-pound deer that showed up. He wasn’t going to shoot it, then lose track […]

Crews filming new ‘North Woods Law’ episodes, no air dates set yet

Since its debut earlier this year, TV viewers have embraced “North Woods Law,” the Animal Planet show that features Maine game wardens going about their daily business. Back in June I told you that Animal Planet had signed on for another 10 episodes of the show, which is produced by Engel Entertainment. Last week I […]

Weather doesn’t deter Youth Deer Day hunters

ORRINGTON, Maine — Thousands of young Mainers braved the elements on a rainy Saturday morning, hoping to cross paths with a deer on the 11th annual “Youth Deer Day” in the state. Few families fared better than the Lunt brothers of Orrington: Both 12-year-old Nolan and 15-year-old Drew filled their tags long before noon, shooting […]

Proposed fishing regulations up for debate at hearings

Most of the state’s anglers won’t pay much attention to this column. It’s easier that way, after all. It’s easier to sit by and let fishing laws be changed by others. It’s easier to ignore the fact that there are some pretty substantial changes being proposed by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, […]

Hunters urged to look for signs of missing toddler

With thousands of deer hunters getting ready to head into the woods in the coming weeks, an interesting Associated Press story caught my eye this morning. A group of people who are eager to solve the mystery involving missing toddler Ayla Reynolds are hoping that hunters will keep their eyes peeled for clues. The approach […]

Youth Deer Day set for Saturday

Back in 2001, state wildlife officials mulled a proposal — one that was established by the state legislature — to give youth hunters a day of their own. Among the ideas that were pondered at the time: Holding a “Youth Deer Day” on the last Saturday of September … or on the traditional residents-only opening […]