Monthly Archives: August 2012

Meet the wardens of ‘North Woods Law’ at the Maine Wildlife Park

Back in June, when several hundred people gathered in Oquossoc for the annual moose permit lottery, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife staffers said they had been contacted by many parents who were interested in having their children meet a real, live Maine game warden. The reason: “North Woods Law,” the Animal Planet TV show […]

What are the loons doing? We’ve got answers

A few years back, a BDN colleague who shall remain nameless (for the next few sentences) told me a story that sounded a bit unbelievable. Loons were herding up … or flocking up … or forming up for battle (or something like that), and she’d spotted 13 of them on her favorite lake, all heading […]

Penobscot discoloration no cause for alarm

Over the weekend I began receiving emails that sounded pretty grim. In a nutshell, veteran river-watchers on the Penobscot were concerned because the river was running brown, with plenty of sediment floating downstream. Members of the Veazie Salmon Club, who often meet at their clubhouse to play cards in the mornings (and who are, as […]

Pitch in: Count a turkey

Is your summer getting stale? Have you spent too much time in the lake? Have you climbed too many mountains? I haven’t, either. Still, I’m sure that some folks are looking for a new project to embark upon as we near the final month of summer. If that’s the case for you and yours, here’s […]

Have a moose hunt horror story? Share it here!

At its best, a moose-hunting trip can be the adventure of a lifetime. Friends and family gather to take advantage of a long-awaited permit, they put their advance scouting to use, and emerge from the woods after a successful hunt with nothing but good memories. Alas, not all hunts are like that. No, some veteran […]

‘Bad Little Falls’ a cold tale that hits stores during a heat wave

On Tuesday — the same day his third novel, “Bad Little Falls,” hit stores — author Paul Doiron sat in his warm Rockport office and admitted that the timing of the book launch might cause a few to shake their heads. One of the literary devices Doiron uses in the series, which revolves around Maine […]

Bats in the belfry not a laughing matter

I have bats in my belfry. That is, if I actually had a belfry, I’m sure that’s where my bats would be. And that would be fine. I’ve got nothing against bats, in theory. Unfortunately, I’m belfry-free, and my bats aren’t happy: They’ve moved in. When I say “moved in,” I don’t mean “moved into […]