Monthly Archives: January 2012

Anglers haul in the togue at Moosehead derby

Ice anglers flocked to Moosehead Lake over the weekend for the fifth edition of a neat cooperative effort with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife that has had a measurable impact on fisheries in the state’s largest lake. The Moosehead Lake Togue Derby with Ricky Craven back in 2008 after fisheries biologists tried […]

Freelance BDN hiking columnist Brad Viles dies at 63

As a freelance hiking writer for the Bangor Daily News for more than a decade, Brad Viles produced hundreds of pieces that took readers on jaunts along trails that led to some of his favorite wild places. On Sunday, Viles died in Millinocket. He was 63. His last story for the BDN, which offered tips […]

Reader says L.L. Bean handbook was worth its weight in … venison

In the weekend printed editions of the Bangor Daily News, I offered up some thoughts on “Hunting, Fishing and Camping,” a book written by Leon Leonwood Bean (better known to all of us as “L.L.”) and first published in 1941. As it marks its 100th anniversary, L.L. Bean (the company, not the man) has re-released […]

St. David fisherman hauls in huge lake trout

Fish tales — the spicy, too-good-to-be-true kind — start innocently. One person hears one thing at their local bait shop. They pass the information along to their butcher. The butcher tells his wife, who tells her co-worker. A few facts are mixed up along the way. And before long, a guppy becomes a salmon, the […]

Youth fishing on tap this weekend; Long Lake derby looms

Now that we’ve enjoyed some real Maine winter weather, it’s time to start planning future excursions — and to take advantage of the many fishing opportunities to be found. First up today, one of my favorite events of the year: A family fun day at Maine’s Youth Fish and Game Association, which is located at […]

Hermann reel, Thomas and Thomas fly rod up for grabs

Truth is, most of us are never going to own high-end fishing gear. A bamboo fly rod and a top-notch, handmade reel could set you back thousands of dollars, after all. Even if you were willing to write the check for those items, another dilemma lurks: Do you dare actually use your valuable gear while […]

Greenville angler tells his big trout tale

Earlier this week I received an email that I knew readers would find interesting: In it, Bob Hamer, executive director of the Moosehead Lake Region Chamber of Commerce, shared photos of an angler with a pretty hefty brook trout. Many readers like photos of big fish. Many of those same readers like to see photos […]

Thoughts to enjoy a snowstorm by

Ah, winter. Finally. It took us a little while, but I’m happy to report the following: It’s 12:50 p.m. It’s cold. And outside Out There corporate headquarters (OK, perhaps the actual headquarters belong to the BDN), it’s snowing like crazy. Some will not be pleased by that development. Namely my boss, who grew up in […]